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Sailing on the Hi-C’s

June 6th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Graduation was on Sunday, the rain held off until the bittersweet end. I got mentioned, people clapped, no one knew the extent of my work. But I’m probably complaining too much. I now have a high school diploma, I can work at a place a step up from McDonalds.

My middle name was revealing very unexcitingly, in a seating chart… grr them

But today was Doctor day! It turns out my doctor no longer practices there, that makes 4 doctors i’ve had… the first one was going to figure out what was wrong with me but he died.. and the rest just say “i’ll grow out of it.” Actually, the latest one is old (Abrams) and he might not even know…

But I had to pee in a cup, my sugar and other stuff was fine. I wonder if they’re running a secret drug test or dna test… well I pass either way. No drugs, good dna in me.

Peeing in a cup was easy.. the shots were not tho. I got two, two chances to faint. The first one was PPD for Tb screening, so I have a bubble in my arm? Well I had a little bubble but now I dunno what’s there, I’m afraid taking off the bandage will make me fainty. I survived that shot no problem’s… of course i starred away when being attacked but its not bad…

The second one was not so easy. It was Menactra for Meningitis…. ouch! I got all ghost coloured (or lack of coloured) and layed down/fell over… typical me. I remained concious the entire time which was good, and then I got to sit down and drink Hi-C. Afterwords I drove home, i went alone…

My left arm is done with typing for now….

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