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June 1st, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Today was the In-School awards ceremony and last night was scholarship night.. i won a few things:

Scholarship night:

Hampshire County College Fair Scholarship – For community service and such

West Springfield Teacher’s Association Scholarship – Mom teaches there

Awards Ceremony:

Computer Science 4 Award – Since I’m good at that
Physics Award – A complete surprise. (Apparently I can work gravity)
Connections Award – For.. umm… putting up with the connections director?
Stanley Z. Koplik Certificate of Mastery – MCAS & SAT/AP Award (tuition waver at UMass incase I leave RPI)

School Contribution Award – Presented by the Principal for my helping with computers.

All of that was cool, I’m not sure if the “School Contribution” award is the Principal’s Award. I hope so, I really looked forward to getting that because I the trend says it goes to the best TT senior member… Who knows? Not me.

Graduation is Sunday, everyone on Earth is invited. MHC Outside thingy…

I think I passed high school:

AP Chemisty : A or A-

Computer Science 4: A

AP Stat: No clue

Connections: A or A-

Accel Physics: A

AP English: B+

AP Calc: B+

Yippee for me.

And tonight I might be getting a new cell phone from Verizon, the whole fam might be going on a plan, i dunno if I get to keep my number because dad is lost.

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  2. By Katie on Jun 1, 2006

    Congrats u lucky lil thing.

    The endin was sad . . .but w.e, i hate time goin fast, oh well.

    Yea go you! I miss you! And i love you!

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