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May 22nd, 2006 Posted in Problems

The time of year is back again, the time where I’m dragged up to Vermont on weekend for the sole reason of…. well there isn’t a reason. In Vermont we own a small cottage in Ludlow, a ski town home to Okemo. Here’s a map of our house: http://local.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=43.444535~-72.699059&style=h&lvl=16&sp=aN.43.444317_-72.699037_Vermont%20House_

As you can see, in the middle of nowhere. The small lake we are on (Lake Pauline) is too tiny for motor boats or anything of that level of fun so we’re stuck canoeing, rowing, and kayaking. The weather is usually cloudy, the water always chilly. We spent 90% of our time up their doing chores and cleaning or entertaining “guests” (aka visiting family that treat us like Hotel Staff)
I really don’t like it there, I never have. We have no decent internet connection, the televisions are poor quality, and it’s a decent drive into town. We have no neighbors, the lake was fun for a few years, until I explored every piece of it. Unfortunately this year it seems we have even more to do, dad is “disabled” from doing chores so we have to do all this stuff to open the house. It’s just soo boring, we spend nights sitting there.. and sitting.. yes, there are 2 tv and a laptop.. but I’m an internet kind of guy and I really rely on that to communicate with people I care about. I hope I have cell phone service at least…

I hate how it kills prime hangout time, especially my birthday weekend. I was hoping one year I might actually be able to get together with ppl on or around my birthday? Nope! If 18 isn’t the charm, there never will be one. I guess I’ll be celebrating with my family, not because I want to, but because anything else probably wouldn’t be accepted by my parents, no choices were given. Boo hoo hoo to me

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