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May 21st, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Howdy folks… long time no blog!

Lots of stuff going down and gone down, I have 2 full days of school left followed by a few finals. I’ll post my schedule a little later on. It’s kind of exciting to know that I’m finishing up High School, but it’s also rather saddening to be departing from something that’s been steady for the last 13 years of my life… ok, I’ll do this whole section later.

In recent events, I played dinner and had fun. Well, maybe fun isn’t the right word; I didn’t have unfun. It was not bad at all and I’m more comfortable. I would do it again, note the word would.. not will… actually I’d do either if asked. Maybe I got a few points somewhere? I dunno.. but I need all the points in Life I can get.

This morning I told my parents I didn’t want to church and I didn’t go. They (mom) gave me the silent treatment until she needed to use a computer. I wonder what reparations that will have.

Friday was the Prom for South Hadley High School. It started off not so hot with my mom being dumb and all but it was fun once we got there. I went with Katie, in case you didn’t know that. I love her a lot lot lot. I would type more lots, but I’ll loose my train of thought. We were the last ones served (cold turkey) and the table had some wierd ppl at it, but there were 4 other ppl that were very cool and pleasent to be around. As far as I remember there was only one incident that made me uncomfortable, but I felt better Saturday night.

Saturday was DaVinci Code day. I saw the 2:15 showing, it was very very packed. Every seat I could see was taken. Following the movie we went back to my house to try our luck at the DaVinci Code puzzle. I was a finalist (1 of 10,000) who were selected to compete with some puzzles for a chance to win some trips… I doubt we won.. but we had fun.

Umm, where does that put me? My 18th Birthday is May 25th. On that day I will register for the draft and eat an Ice Cream cake. I will most likely be in school working even tho I don’t have school. I always wished my parents would surprise me with gifts, instead they just give up. It happened at christmas, it will happen at my birthday. Unless I make a very specific list (with pictures) of what to buy and where to buy it, I will not get it. Unfortunately that means no fun on that day, because u know whats coming. This year I will probably get a new cell phone, actually I doubt that. I hope I get to pick that out, the last thing I need is another cheap cell phone with the wrong plan. Been there, doing that. I guess that’s a problem with being a technology oriented person with non technologically oriented parents, they can’t shop for you and refuse to rely on salespeople to help. If they were smart they might surprise me with an Ipod case or accessory or something cool like that. But no, I’ll probably get a digital camera; because dad asked me about it. Happy Birthday me.

Graduation is coming up and guess what cool presents I’ll be getting? Nothing! I know people who will be getting laptops, cars, and other big ticket items for graduation. I on the otherhand, will get a dinner with my parents and a curfew of midnight.

Hrm, I feel something is missing…. well i’ll think of it later

Right, I want to apologize for all the spelling and grammer mistakes in here. I am too lazy to use word and I have yet to find a spell checker for this thing.


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