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New Plan, New Game, New Beginning

May 4th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Well, as my previous posts may or may not have mentioned, I have resolved the conflicts as presented. I now have a plan of action if things start going the wrong way, and a general idea how to prevent that from happening.

The plan involves all mental reminders of what I’m trying to do. I know if I can remember my true convictions, which these ideas remind me of, I can stay true to myself. Now I can’t surround myself with these things permanently, but being able to remember them; the thoughts and actions associated with them are very helpful. I wish I could make a bracelet that would say something to always remind me.. but I’m living without.

See, my idea is to try and avoid things that can cause me to start thinking stuff I don’t want to, and to provide myself as much positive encouragement along the way (because if I don’t encourage myself, who will?). If I can avoid a situation all together, I will… if I make a fool of myself in the process… all the better. I know that I’m swimming upstream, but my feelings are if I swim far enough, I’ll be rewarded…. maybe I’ll find a treasure chest or a pot of gold or a plane ticket to London or the DaVinci Code contest or even something else I’ve dreamed of. Probably not, but can it hurt to dream… only if you let it.
Yes, I have a sheet of quotes I carry in my black ledger/portfolio thingy that revolve around patience, experience, trust, courage, and any other cool topic I could find. Those quotes might seem silly, but I think they’re kinda neat and they help to keep myself focused. Chances are if I’m reading them I’m trying to switch mindsets, keep myself going, or just reading some quotes.

I would appreciate if you didn’t say I am stupid to be doing this, because I’m going to make this work, so thanks for the encouraging words.

In other news…. my dad is doing well, he got one tub out and gets another one out in 2 weeks.

The Tiger Times is going on a field trip Wednesday, May 17.. should be fun..

AP Exams are almost done, my brain is dead… one more left.. I’m obnoxiously tired…

Some good movies open this weekend..

Prom is coming up! Should be an interesting night… maybe I can get it right

DaVinci code is coming out… I’ll be seeing it the Saturday after prom….. uh huh!!

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