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I na na na na need to get outta this place

April 22nd, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

On rainy days like this I especially feel the need to get outta the house and do something. I was suppose to go find a tux for prom, it only takes a few minutes if i keep it simple black but that plan to go out fell through when dad decided to go the gym instead. That leaves me here sitting alone in my chair pretty darn bored. Kevin is downstairs playing video games and mom is around, but yupp… pretty darn boring here. I went looking at movies and there aren’t even any good movies out. I can’t walk around the mall because I’m “underage” so what is a teenage like myself to do? Eww.. i just noticed some stains on my RPI hoodie.. let me go clean those up, brb.. wierd.. they didn’t come out so great with water so I’m thinking something non-polar like oil or something. Water, being a bent molecule is polar (has a positive and negative side) so it really only plays nicely with other polar stuff. Back on track, what track? I’m bored out of my mind here..

Well, I need to get outta of here and just do anything. Sitting on a couch would be cool, or even walking around aimlessly or something.. idk, i’ll do just about anything to get away from doing all these AP homework packets (4 hours of calc, 1 compressed hour of chem, 1 hour stat, and 1.5 compressed hours of english) that’s too much sitting in a chair for my liking…

Please, rescue me!!!

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