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April 11th, 2006 Posted in Stupid People

Well, I’m not sure what I want to do but here’s the scoop. (Scoop is a cool word, isn’t it!) As many of you know I went to RPI on Saturday to go checkout the school. Another fairly unknown fact about me is that I don’t own Hoodie Sweatshirts, primarily because my dad thinks I should be in an XL or something so I can never trust his shopping skills. Put one and one together, I got a hoodie! It’s red and says “Rensselaer” on the front and it’s pretty cool I must admit. I wore it around the house Saturday and out to the movies (Ice Age 2 is funnnny). I managed to keep is super clean.

Today I made the move to wear it to school. It got hot during umm.. E-Block (Physics) so I stuffed it in my locker… no biggy, right? Well, after school I get to my locker to go grab my books and such and presto, what do I have but a nice and dusty hoodie! It looks as if it was used to dust a windowsill or something like that, or mop the floor. Grr grr grr grrr grr… that was like a brand new piece of clothing, one that I actually liked for that matter. Either there are some serious RPI-haters or some serious Brian-haters… I lean toward the latter option.

Well, what to do, what to do… simple,

Machine Wash Warm in like colors. Tumble Dry

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