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My mind is lost

April 9th, 2006 Posted in Mistakes, Problems

I just learned of a super huge moronic move on my part. Turns out I forgot to invite Katie to prom. Well, I solved that about an hour ago but Yikes, I feel bad because now she has to rush and everything with 1 month and and a week until May 19. What’s even worse is I have memory of already asking her, but apparently I must have dreamed that up. Wow I’m dumb. I dreampt up an event that never actually happened and relied on it as fact, who does that? But I feel bad putting Katie under all the preassure and stuff to cram, it was a super huge mistake on my part and I should have checked sooner. What I dreampt (is that even a word) up was nothing out of the ordinary, it seemed like something that would have happened… one day at lunch or in the media studio asking her.. wierd huh? Grr to me.. I’m sorry!
You know those “I’m with stupid” t-shirts, well, I’m getting one that says “I’m the stupid”

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  2. By Katie on Apr 10, 2006

    Your not stupid. But yea, u never did ask me, i def would of remembered, bcuz ppl kept askin, and i kept sayin no he hasn’t. You may have said u were planning on it, but wanted to wait to do sumthing. Then u were obsessed with ur movie, and all, that comes out the same day or sumthing so yea. LOL, don’t worry about it. But i must say i’m pumped to go to prom with you! It’s gonna be amazing! UH HUH!

    Oh and don’t worry, some how i’ll book hair and all that, and find a dress, which is the TRICKY part, but i can do it, well i hope, lol!

    love ya

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