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Those sick Olde Englishe poets

April 3rd, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Everyone today says that the youth of America is rather corrupt and oriented towards sex/drinking/drugs. Well, today in english class I can to the conclusion that this problem is not something that is specific to this generation or america or any of the clear attributes. Grr, I just got salsa all over my chin… but back on track. As I was saying, these qualitys are not specific to our generation in any way. If you go back to ye early times 13-1600s you can see the exact same thing going on. Sure, they didn’t have the f word and I’m not sure sex was a word either, but they had words like wanton, lewd, and the word ‘love’ rhymed with ‘move’. See, this isn’t a “trend” or something that has just come about, it’s been rooted in human nature forever. But way back when the cool thing to do was to show your love for someone through a poem in such a way you didn’t flat out say you wanted to make love to them but to provide constant yet suddle hints everywhere so the average person would go “aww, that’s cute” but the trained english person would go “eww, that sick little poet want to get with her”. So you see, not everything is what it seems to be, innocence lies on a bed of deciept or something like that.

Christopher Marlowe: The Passionate Shepherd to his Love

Sir Walter Raleigh: The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepard

Sir John Suckling: The Constant Lover

Robert Herrick: Everything he wrote

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