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Now this is poor planning..

April 2nd, 2006 Posted in Problems

Well, I was going to focus on another subject about my dreams and how they’ve fallen through but I have something else to say. Who plans Prom on the day one the movie of one of the best books ever comes out? South Hadley High School of course! May 19 is Prom night, but May 19 is also the opening day of DaVinci Code, based on the novel by Dan Brown that abolutely rocked! If the movie can compare to the books, I’m gonna like it a lot lot lot and I’ve been counting down until it comes out but I just remembered Prom was that same day! Now I’m faced with a dilemna, do I see the midnight showing or not. I was planning on it, even if it meant going alone (non of my good friends seemed to big into it) but now I’m not sure, that would make for a very late night followed by another late night and I’m not sure if my wierd body could handle that. Maybe I’ll just wait until the weekend to watch it… But it’s hard to believe all that is a little over a month and a half away.. AHHH!

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