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The Lion, the Witch, and the really annoying Wardrobe

March 28th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

This will be short because the clocks tell me I have 0-5 minutes to write before my mom will start flipping out because I’m not down for breakfast, as a teacher she’s been brainwashed that if one doesn’t eat a complete breakfast (not just part of breakfast) there is no way you can do well in school… another story tho.

This past weekend I was cleaning out my room and going through my closets/drawers and I noticed something, I have really bad collection of clothes. My main pants are cargo pants, which I have 3 khacki coloured ones, 2 dark coloured ones (the exact same pants, just twice), 1 dark blue pair, and 1 green pair. I don’t wear the green tho, they remind me too much of boy scouts pants. Shirtwise I have half a dozen button down shirts, all possessing a criss-cross/checkerboard pattern… not huge like flannel but smaller.. but lots of vertical and horizontal lines.

I also own 1 pair of jeans which I really enjoy. Back in 8th grade I think I got a trend of jeans that were super uncomfortable and made me hate them.. so I stopped wearing them. In the meantime, a denim revolution went on with all sorta of shapes and stylings with bleached spots, build in holes, yellow stains, etc etc… and it all sort of passed me by. Well, someone managed to make jeans more comfortable, given they don’t have the same pocket space as cargos, i’ve adapted around that.

Shirtwise I own a few different (not the normal patterns) which i like a lot, but the problem is I just can’t repeat the same outfits or stuff. So, let me think.. I have 1 lightish blue turtle neck, 1 darkish blue mock neck, 1 sweater, 1 vertical stripped shirt that fits, and i think that’s it.

I was getting mad because my clothes are so frustratingly bad. I’m pretty sure my growing is done, at least I’ve been wearing the same shirt/pants for at least a year and they still fit. It’s just grr.. I can’t stand shopping with my parents because of two things.. Mom wants me to buy certain things, and you can see what she likes because it ends up in my closet. In one instance, I’ve always wanted a decent pair of khacki non cargo pants, like you might see someone wear to work or something; but mom will as me “Oh, do you want a pair of those?” in such a mocking and sarcastic tone of voice that saying “Yes” would have been insulting. I’ll wander around and look at the few things that interest me but I know that mom will just complain that it’s too long, too short, too tight, too something for me. Yes, I know that finding clothes for a tall skinny guy isn’t the easiest.. but I know they make clothes somewhere that fits me. My mom’s idea of “fitting” is pants barely touching your shoes, and a shirt that has the right sleeve length, she gives no consideration to how large the chest area is at all.. in some of these I could fit a pillow in my chest (maybe 2) and that really annoys me when I can’t tell where my body is and where the shirt is just poofing out.

Dad on the other hand, only buys sweatshirts and hoodies. Not that bad, right? Well, you have to take into account his sizing scheme which says that “tall” is just a lie so we should always by L or XL… those are just a tad to big for me in the chest again.. I guess that’s just a problem with being tall and thin. My dad also likes me to dress a certain way, he like button down shirts tucked in and button up to one button from the top… he’s just wierd. For example when he came home today the first thig he said was not “How are you” or “Hi” but rather “You’re not wearing socks, go put some on.” Just wierd like that….

Well, I know I can shop for myself but I don’t want to use my plastic or cash to pay for stuff, it’s much easier to use my parents money/plastic which then means they’re coming.. i just don’t know how to get a decent wardrobe for spring/summer… shorts are interesting to shop for.. i don’t know what I think of jean shorts… i don’t think i like that idea…

In other news, I can’t help but feel like I’ve sparked some kind of debate or fight and I feel bad about that. I’ve always just told how I’m feeling, but I’m not sure if that’s always the best thing. I know the truth had burned me in the past, and I just don’t want that to happen again. Mmmmm.. I dunno.. I’m gonna stop now…

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  2. By Katie on Mar 28, 2006


    I expected something much different . . .pfft, o well. Interestin blog for sure!

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