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March 26th, 2006 Posted in Mistakes, Problems, Stupid People

Today’s rant will be on religion… I don’t want this to come off as an attack on and specfic faiths or beliefs or what not, just thoughts from my head. This was mostly trigger by the fact that today is Sunday and that a correspondant on the CBS Morning Show hosted by some old guy who started talking about religion.

I’m at a point in my life where religion really doesn’t play a huge role. I find church on Sunday to be a waste of an hour and attending anything else is simply unnecessary. No, I’m not saying I don’t believe in god… but it’s getting to the point where the three year rotation of bible stories is getting old. Given, I understand that there cannot be any “new news” or updates to the bible, or at least I don’t think so.. well, maybe there could be.. i have no clue actually; but the Priest is also very boring and a general not nice guy.

Last year was my last year of CCD and I was getting confirmed… yahoo I thought, no more church for me! I would be taking religion into my “own hands” and my hands were not going to be driving myself to church on Sunday mornings. Unfortunately, when mom signed the Confirmation contract thingy that said this.. she had her fingers crossed or something because I still get dragged to church every Sunday. I think it was because my mom was raised in an enviroment where it was church or die. Her mom insisted on going to church in fear that god would smite them or something so my mom believes the same.

Yes, I’ve done the obvious and tried to talk to her about it and object nicely but that hasn’t worked. She always pulls the “while your still under 18 ur still under my control” garbage. Well, come Thursday, May 25, 2006 I will no longer be 18 so I guess it’ll be under my control. Actually, I know my mom and I know that won’t happen. She’ll turn it into a “while your living under this roof” or a “while we’re paying for your college” or even a “while your still my son”… maybe I’ll just get divorced from my mom… you can do that in NY (is that a hint I should go to RPI… i have no clue)

But it’s just frustrating, she always tells me that I’ll be getting more responsibility but that never happens, she promises that I’ll be able to stay out late or go wherever I want but there’s always a *, there’s always a clause, there’s always a but.

Ok, that drifted far from religion… back to conclude… Yes, I did get confirmed… and even better, it meant nothing to me. I can’t remember what my confirmation name is, I didn’t have a party or get treated to dinner, maybe $20 from the fam.. that’s it. I don’t see myself having any sort of religious revival in the next 5 years so I’m not going to try extra hard. Yes, I pray at night… especially when my chest feels like it’s getting cut with a knife when I breath in…. but my wierd medical stuff is a tale for another blog… I pray because it’s something I can do. It’s not structured at all, I saw what I want when i want, and get very sidetracked in between… sure, i throw in the occasional “Our father…” and “Hail mary..” but i start thinking of other things so i rarely finish the prayers.

Well, I’m bored of that topic so I’ll just throw some random stuff about the weekend.

I owe Katie 2 family events or potentially embarasing adventures of her choosing.. anything.. dinner, wierd dinner, any wierd thing with her rents.. i don’t care.. i owe her… because she went bowling with my dad, my brother, and I… pretty darn scarry because dad was driving.. he’s a good driver, but he listens to wierd radio and likes to ask questions… so does my mom… but I feel bad that my parents have had all this time to interogate Katie when her parents have seen me.. once? maybe two or three times in passing… i dunno, hopefully my parents will stop being so annoying.. I’ve just decided that my parents annoyingness is worse than Katies killer attack dog “Max”.. who has been nicknamed… umm.. killer attack dog… ok, I have no clue what it’s been nick named.. but it likes to attack. I figure that unlike my parents who can never run out of questions and comments, her dog can eventually stop hating me. Sometime.. someday… who knows…

In other news, the Vermont house is back in our possesion.. i.e the renters have left… my dad goes back to the doctor on Thursday.. possibly in Boston?

But that brings me to another topic, my parents are taking all this stress about the cancer out on me and kevy.. and since kevy is only playing his world or warcrack game.. they end up getting madder and yeah.. tensions are high I guess, so I just need to keep getting out…

In school it’s cram time for the AP tests… wahoo :-(

College is still a tossup between RPI and WPI

World War III has broken out on my face… grr to me…

Ok, I’m out of ideas and things to say… again, feel free to leave comments or email me if u want to chat…

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