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Weekend Update:

March 19th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

This blog is going to detail the events of this past weekend and other stuff that’s on my mind. Probably on the random side, ok.. definately on the random side.

Lets see, Friday.. Katie and I chilled at my house and watched “Pirates of the Carribean.” That’s a good movie.. i enjoyed it. Of course my parents were dumb like usual. They insist on checking on us every 15-30 minutes. And asking us if we want anything to snack on. Of course we said no, if we were hungry we could get it ourself.. but like 10 minutes later my dad shows up with two cannolis. I was very confused.. I don’t like cannolis at all, and neither does Katie. So we just put them on the floor. But that;s just an example.. i’m not sure why..right.. I remember where I was going. So my parents were like “What time does Katie’s parents want her home?” Well, she wasn’t sure so she said “whenever” (or something along the lines of anytime). My mom, using her great teacher instinct, assumes that Katie’s parents want her home before they go to bed, and since they shouldn’t have to stay awake, 11pm was a good time. Oops.. she got home closer to 11:20 by the time the TV show was done. Well, I can see my mom’s point and all, but wouldn’t it be logical for Katie to decide when her parents would want her home? Or even for Katie’s parents to decide… no.. that would all make too much sense for my mom.

Fast Forward, one sunrise

Saturday. Well, I slept until 9-10ish.. I don’t remember which actually. But I don’t like sleeping late usually, because it means I have to do all the Saturday chores later than usual so I have to push back plans for the afternoon. This day was no exception as I had to replace handles on a wheelbarrel… a rusty blue wheelbarrel at that. Well, that took me up until 1something to finish.

Then I went over to pick up Katie. We both wanted to get out of our houses so we decided to go elsewhere. I lost my sunglasses and figured, why not go to the mall and buy some. Well, it turns out the road I was going on to get to the mall crossed the race.. so we just sat in park and watched the funny clothed runners do their thing.

Eventually the officer flagged us across during a break in the running and we were off to the mall. Yes, 91 would have been easier. But I need to work on my Holyoke driving so it’s good practice.. Well, I found some cool sunglasses in target,Sunglasses

and that was good.. but I was a tad hungry for some ice cream.. and Katie said she would go for some so we went to Friendlies… yummm… I like ice cream! Then we went to my house… hung around on the computer and started writing a letter to a friend of mine in the UK. He lives on a Channel Island and I’ve known him for at least 2 years… he’s around my age but we’ve worked on tons of internet projects and stuff… it would be cool if he came over to visit, he wants to go to Niagra Falls and NYC, I would definately drive and stuff.. but again, I don’t know what my parents would thnk.
Right, it got closer to 6:00, Dinner Time. Katie was invited to stay for dinner and hesitantly she accepted the offer. We were having Irish food (my mom is 50% Irish but pretends to be 100%. So much so that I just learned yesterday that she was half English.. I was soo happy) so we were having corned beef and cabbage, potatoes, and carrots… well.. the cabbage is nasty, but the other food is ok. I could tell Katie was rather, nervous. I forgot to warn her about grace.. she was very confused… we should have skipped it, but mom is too scared that god will smite her. Bless us o lord for these thy gifts which we are about to recieve on thy bounty through christ our lord amen. I said it super fast to get through with it. Well, I ate quickly and Katie was already done with her small helping.. we quickly dashed back up stairs to get outta the wierd dinner situation.. very scarry stuff. Well, I told Katie that she can take me to any wierd family events, dinners, outings, or anything she wants… I owe her a ton for sitting through dinner with my wierd family.
We went out to Taco Bell/Pizza Hut for real food afterwards. Then we watched some wierd stuff on TV and had a fun night. My parents did the usual, 11pm go home time, but that was ok.
Another sunrise…
Today is Sunday, it was a very boringday.. like most Sunday’s are. I had to analyze a poem about peacocks… god I hate them.. they are just so scarry… but in other news.. I know Katie was having a boring day so I was going to take her out to get some food or HC or something around 4:00 because all my HW was done… but my mom all of a sudden needed help on the computer trying to make lil book things for her kids at school…ugh.. she’s really bad at computers, like “how do i delete” bad. The consumed about 45 minutes so going out was no longer feasable… sorry!
Overall, I had a rather enjoyable weekend. Sometimes being home can get a tad boring.. but going out to the mall and for a lil walk was a nice break. Hopefully as the weather warms up it’s even easier and easier to go out and leave the house on weekend. Unfortunately, that day we don’t have school coming up was the day my mom schedulded my car for maintance again… bad timing again! But she made that decision on purpose…so I guess I’ll be stuck at home doing nothing.. grr.. that makes me rather sad to think that actually, stuck here on a friday doing nothing.. it’s not like I can even get together with ppl because I can’t drive them and they couldn’t get a ride either… GRR GRR GRR.
Well, I’ve been thinking about how much my mom worries about me and stuff; she doesn’t trust me enought.. for example she just walked in and told me to shower… like i wasn’t going to remember to shower? She’s always saying that once I’m 18 (May 25) she’s going to stop worrying about me and setting curfews and things like that, but I don’t see that happening. I see her pulling a “her house her rules” or something like that… but that’s just something I’ll have to live with…
Peace outt for now!
Oh, surprise.. not done!
You know what would be a dream date for me? (You probably won’t guess it)
Disney World! I think going to Disney would just be so awsome.. there are tons of places to eat and rides to go on and everything… you could spent days doing everything there… but Disney isn’t anywhere close by so I won’t be going on a date there…
and Great Britain isn’t any closer…. that would be even better… but I guess I’ll be stuck pointing to that on a mapLondon
Well, my parents wouldn’t let me go there… even if I was 18 I bet.. they would withhold access to my banking accounts or car or something… but that’s them not trusting me…
Ok, now I’m done.
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  2. By Katie on Mar 19, 2006

    The weekend was really cool and quite fun!
    I had a blast!
    Thanks for everything.

    Your dream date is pretty sweet i must say. Disney is a crazzzzy cool place, i love it. Britian is hott too!

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