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March 15th, 2006 Posted in Problems, Stupid People

Ok, I am sitting here at work filming the school committee meeting and I am getting incredibly frustrated at some people now. Right now, they are awarding things to members of the Arts (music and theatre) department for things such as All-State and the adults behind “Hello Dolly.” Well, I do not want this to come off dissing the arts or anything because I support them a lot, like all the shows with lots of volunteer work and stuff. I know all of that will go unrecognized by the Directors, and yes… that always makes me teary eyed when they start recognizing and giving flowers or shirts to seniors who have graduated or people who haven’t … erm, how to say it nicely.. put forth less effort than I did. I spent the time there for three shows filming, plus editing and such… But time to step off that platform. But ok, they just gave awards to four music student and a dozen teachers. I have also seen them give awards to the football team and past basketball teams. The issue I am trying to get at is simple. The Computer Science team was given no recognition for winning the equivalent of our “Western Mass” or district competition. Grr to them. It is rather clear that the schools interests are in two areas: sports and arts. What happened to those fields in between? What about the Math Team, what about the Envirothon Team, Computer Science Team? Dare I mention how the Debate Team was cut out of the budget, or how our “School Match Wits” team has disappeared. It probably trickles down to society’s support for the Arts and Sports while mathematics, and general education in general… Is down.

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  2. By Katie on Mar 18, 2006


  3. By Katie on Mar 18, 2006

    ps. thx for filmimg everything that u have, ur great! thx thx thx


  4. By scott on Mar 19, 2006

    welcome to reality brian

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