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College… Misc… Yeah

March 7th, 2006 Posted in Problems, Stupid People, Uncategorized

Just a quick little update, nothing really exciting going on…

Well.. College update. It seems like that is the popular question to ask. Yes, I am going to college. Majoring in Computer and/or Electrical Engineering. No, I cannot spell engineering to save my life :-P. I have been accepted at the following: RPI, WPI, RIT, WNEC. Leaving only UMASS on the “to hear from list”. This leaves me with the question of “did I jump high enough?” and “could I have made it into better schools”. *cough*MIT*cough* [no matter what you say about the suicide rate]. Well, the simple answer is not so simple, I know one part is my parents don’t understand college very well, and think I’m not as smart as other people because I don’t talk “geek” 24/7. But I think that being able to humanize or simplify things is just as important as everything else. Because if you truly understand it, you can teach it to someone who has no clue… ok, off the soap box. I’m leaning between WPI and RPI. Originally WPI had me with some nice merit $$$ and a shorter driving distance but this weekend RPI send the merit $$$ to complicate things… any ideas? advice? thoughts? opinions?

Oh, yeah… to all of those people who have yet to apply, please apply to your dream school. If $$ is a problem, find me and I’ll spot you the $60 or w.e it takes; because that was probably one of the dumbest mistakes in my life so far… luckily there is grad school.

Other news… I have a huge headache and i feel sick at the moment, so i’m eating reeses. Oh yeah, I’m stressed. Or so my face is telling me.

This week is just going by sooo slowly, it’s only Tuesday and I could already go for a weekend, I just need to destress or relax or something but english project eagle project vhs masenior organic chemistry IPv6….

Well, I better go to bed, catcha in the morning!

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  2. By J on Mar 9, 2006

    as a newly accepted college student. i think you should go to where your heart is. i think that RPI would be cool, because its near NY, but thats just me and my love for NY. so i dunno good luck though.. and i’m hear if you need someone to talk to. lol
    OH! why dont you come to SLCC with me! im gonna be so lonely.

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