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Thin as a hair

March 5th, 2006 Posted in Problems, Stupid People

Yesterday my brother and I were forced to get haircuts. Last weekend it was suggested because my dad was going and he offered to take us and such. We declined. Friday he gave us money before we left to go to school to get it done on the way home. We declined again. Honestly, my hair was fine as it was, not very long or anything.. I liked it. Kevin really could care less, but he didn’t want one either.

Well, my mom pulled the go get haircuts or else no friends or something so we went out. I think I figured out why/how my parents logic works. My dad’s parents were rather poor, growing up on farms and living in a small apartment in Holyoke. That meant my dad could not get his haircut as a child (I’m not even sure that was something that existed or whatnot) but his mom had to do it for him. He views getting your hair cut by a barbar as a sign of class or something, so having a cleanly groomed head and short hair is something that reflects your financial status. Well, in a time where everyone is growing long hair, my dad is very confused.

Mom on the other hand, likes to excersize her maternal instincts to comb our hair from when we were really little and she would take us to the barber and such. Well, my haircut has been pretty much the same since forever; one of those reasons is mom won’t let me do anything else to it or grow it a little longer. She always will go “Oh, are you gorowing it out or something?” and I’ll reply “Yeah, I am. It’s the cool thing to do.” Unfortunately, that is the exact reply she doesn’t want so she quickly replies “I was just joking, you look much better with your normal hair.” Or sometimes I get the best lies ever! “Girls like guys with shorter hair” or “All the girls will think your much more handsome with a clean haircut” HA HA HA. Mom and Dad, I don’t know where u get that from but it’s definately very very very wrong. Apparently, you didn’t notice any of the kids at the colleges we went to, no one at any activities, or tv. Having longer hair is not going to hurt you… I’m not talking about super long hair, for me at least… but something a little longer than what i’ve tradtionally had. Or even just as long as how it is when I normally have to get it cut.

You know what else bothers me, living in a house of this size. Sometimes it’s just frustrating having all this space and stuff. I really don’t need to have a room this size or a bed that is full/queen or w.e it is. Why? The fundamental theory of doors. Having a larger area to live in means people are more spread out. Being so spread out means there is little chance someone will walk into your room or overhear you at any given point. This taught me as a child that closing doors wasn’t really necessary… like the bedroom door and stuff. So lets say I’m carrying on a phone call or listening to some music so I do close the door, my parents feel the need to checkup to see what’s going on or even justify leaving the door open. Grr to them, being so spread out sometimes has it’s advantages sometimes but I think it has many more disadvantges.

Another secondary topic that frustrates me, family time. When your called to watch TV or sit with the family or something. It’s just really unnecessary in my mind. I know my parents want to do that to make sure I’m not doing any bad or to spend quality time with me or something but I’d like to be able to have some freedom at the same time. I know that if I go downstairs to watch TV, your going to ask questions that make me feel uncomfortable by asking about my personal life and such or even having “the talk”. Well, my parents just need to realize that I’m a responsible guy. Having “family time” at this point in my life will have about the same impact on me as watching a commercial for the Dr. Phil show. One, my parents have no clue what’s actually “cool” or what problems are actually being faced in societies youth today. But I know I can’t change that, and no one ever will.

Ok, I rambled wayy to much in there… back to the HW…

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