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Please Vote!

March 5th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Ok, I’m loosing putridly with like 10 votes for me. I know that I have until April 16 and everyone likes to procastonate and such but come one, I could use a few more votes. Like 1 a day would be nice?

Here’s what you do, click on that picture below or visit http://www.harrypotter.com/goblet Click on your birthday, and follow the short form to create an account. Ok, nothing hard at all. Once you create your account, click “Vote for a Champion” and use BrianM035. Thanks!

Now, the next day just click on the “Login” button and enter your emails and password and cast a vote, it takes under a minute.. seriously people. I’ve probably spent several minutes helping you or fixing a computer that you’ve used at school or something…

Now for the bonus: I’ll make this even easier, if you want… send me a message with your email and password for the site and I’ll do the voting for you! Thanks again for you votes!

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