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What a day for a day dream..

February 23rd, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Well, I figure all of you dedicated readers out there are looking for an update (I know who you all are anyways so you could just ask for an update personally or via email or something). So yeah, last night I tried something new and had fun. At first I wasn’t sure how it would go because getting in was like getting into a castle or something, very specific instructions to get in and the “moat” still attacked. Part of me feels bad that people have to get attacked by the “moat” in a self sacrificing kind of way, ok… alll of me feels that way. Hopefully sometime (sooner rather than later) the “moat” will realize I’m not out to attack it or anything, I don’t have anything against it. If letting it attack me for a day or something would save everyone the trouble I’d definately support that plan, but I’ve been advised to find another plan.

Ugh, mom is home. Sometimes I really don’t like having a teacher for a mom because she gets all the same vacations off and stuff, and it’s not like she could just sit downstairs and let us relax; she likes to make us help her out and stuff… but that’s life…

I’m working on a list of things I “owe” people, if I “owe” you anything, please drop me a note. I plan on making a notecard or something to carry around in my wallet so when I go places, I can check if I need to pick.

Mom’s home.. she just yelled at me to get to my neighbors house to fix their computer. Apparently I’m “wasting away another vacation”. Isn’t that what your suppose to do, take a break from working and stuff? Well, as a teacher I guess you never suppose to take a break. Grr to her…

I’ll write more when I get home… peace out for now…

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  2. By shylock on Feb 23, 2006

    You owe me 1.2 million dollars for that yahct I gave you. Being a code 2, I am going to send my hired hitmen to hunt you down. You’ve got 24 hours.

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