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I’m glad to know your right there to support me

February 23rd, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Ugh… my mom is an official looser. She’s in over-protective mother teacher mode again and I can’t seem to get her out of it. I’m not going to use any kind of symbology in here because I’m just that frustrated. Well, tonight Katie is coming over for a little while to watch Survivor and then we’re heading off bowling. My brother was in the shower and stuff and she told him that he shouldn’t put his pj’s on because that would be not decent. PJ’s sure, I could see where that was coming from. But for my brother they minus well be clothes.. it’s a t-shirt and sweatpants.. the same stuff he wears to school. But that’s not what bothered me, just an introductory example.

My mom called me to the stairs to go “talk”. This is never good. She said, “You and Katie planning on watching Survivor, right?” “Yes I replied” she then went on “Well, you two can watch it downstairs because it’s not appropriate for you to watch it together on your bed or in your room” At this point I was officially mad. So I asked “Do you not trust me or something, I’m not stupid mom” and she’s goes “No, not at all; it’s just inappropriate for you two to lie together watching TV.” I’m kinda furious at this point, not because she won’t let us lie on my bed and watch tv (it’s a small tv anyways so we probably would have ended up downstairs anyways) but because she doesn’t trust me. This isn’t the first time either she’s doubted my sound judgement or what have you. Mom, I’m a boy scout. I have two part time jobs working in a professional setting, doing skilled labor and that doesn’t mean I’m a “sandwich artist”. In my spare time I work on the computer and have consulted for over 100 projects around the world in coutries like Japan, China, Russia, Netherlands, and mostly UK. I don’t and never have drank alcohol, smoked, or done drugs. I’m well respected in the school community and teachers say hi to me almost as much as students. Do you not understand that?? Well, I’m gonna find a way to fight somehow, because my mom has not learned anything in the past 17 years. Thanks mom, I appreciate the trust! Ok, gotta run…. I’ll update you later..

Well, reading that over… I just got home… and I was probably a little harsh on her. It’s not the fact that we would have lied on my bed because we would be downstairs anyways, but it’s the principle of the matter. I know they don’t trust me, because I also got 2 voicemails telling me my curfew is/was midnight, they were sent within 15 minutes of each other from the same phone but different parents. Ugh, I also don’t like it when they have Kevin do their dirty work for them, like he’ll call me asking where I am and then “report back” to them.

Don’t get me started on my JOL and car thing… that’s a whole other cap of steam.

I’m gonna head to bed now, welcome to tomorrow!

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  2. By Katie on Feb 26, 2006

    I think PARENTS can be VERY annoying, NOSEY, and MEAN . . . esp when PARENTS . . . read their KIDS and their FRIENDS stuff on the INTERNET . . . and r trying to be SNEAKY . . . but WE r smarter than that . . . and I caught THEM in the ACT!! SOOOOO . . . PARENTS stop being NOSEY, and leave ME alone and my friends! Its NOSEY, immature, and RUDE! :evil:

  3. By j on Feb 26, 2006


  4. By Katie on Feb 26, 2006

    TEENS fight BACK . . . were not gonna take this anymore . . . LET us have FREEDOM, and stop sneakin up on us . . . DONT READ our stuff . . . just STOP! :twisted:

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