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How to make me mad: Part 1 of many

January 31st, 2006 Posted in Problems, Studio, Stupid People

Today was an overall bad day. This morning I didn’t accomplish anything because of that stupid clock that tells everyone to move at 7:20.. I learned I’m usually ready to make a move around that time, my internal clock needs to be fixed then.

Lunch was really crowded and frustrating because certain people kicked others out of a table, for no real reason at all. They pulled the “we’re seniors” garbage and made one cramped table. Sure, there was a seat saved for me… but at lunch I enjoy being around people who don’t insult me or who I’m with constantly.. maybe I can eat with a smile on?

Then, I learned of a plan to take another adventure to go get some food… but I had already turned over my keys for what I thought was “safe keeping”. Well, my wallet was taken… not something I really enjoy. That’s the one thing I wouldn’t recommend taking from me… it tends to make me mad.. especially when I get it back and it’s missing pieces.

But then this afternoon came… grr to it. I found out my car was being stolen so someone was instructed to keep me in the studio, at that point along I got mad… just because of who you picked. Well, I managed to beat that attempt and made my way to the car.. big deal; well, as per usual plan for car adventures I try and get in. Today howeve, the car was full. I knew squeezing in would have raised comments and such so yeah, I just gave up. I was already mad enough at my attacker….

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I had the worse E block possible…. just though I’d throw that in there…

And to make things better, the car never left school grounds. Yeah, that makes everything better… thanks a lot

Well, this story has a few morals:

  • You’re keys are safest on you; no matter what people say, who they are, or what they know.
  • If you’re going to take my car, make sure I’m in it. I don’t have to know where you’re going, or what you’re going to do, but make sure I’m there.
  • If I ask you for something that is mine, please give it back
  • If I say “I don’t want to talk about it,” chances are talking to me about it won’t help.

I’ll update this a little later

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