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Hey Ya Oe Oe Oe Ahh Oe Oe Oe Ahh

January 31st, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Not a theme song from a tv showif you read that in a chanting kind of voice you get the Survivor theme song so you guessed it.. Survivor time!

Dan “Survivor is a very interesting model, for long duration space flight. It’s exactly what long duration crews are going to have to deal with and that is, how you get along with this diverse group of people in a stressful situation. Being able to tolerate how other people do stuff is a really important skill to have”

Jeff: “He’s a former astronaut. ASTRONAUT. He’s been up. Playing this game, I think he’s very well suited”

Dan definitely has his finger on the pulse on how to play this game and there is no question that his former career is an asset with respect to close quarter relating, remaining calm and in control. Older men typically do okay in this show PROVIDED they do not go overboard in a leadership role where the other tribe members feel patronized. Dan’s appearance and his brief words do not strike me as an intrusive figure. Jeff is positive about him as well but not too in depth about Dan so I’m of the impression for right now that Dan is not a “wave maker” but a steady player.


Well, there you have it. It seems my neighbor has a chance of winning! (And an inside source said he was not the one that got voted off the first week.) But that inside source was guessing, but I trust him because he can read the internet.

I’m going to pre-apologize for any politically incorrect statements I make in this category, anything that offends anyone, or anything that makes you laugh to hard or get to confused. Just remember, save you’re real thinking for Chemistry and Calculus… because you can’t spell college without a c

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  2. By jean on Feb 2, 2006

    i liked when kev sang that song

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