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January 23rd, 2006 Posted in Stupid People

Today was a pinnacle of my frustration with someone, he just doesn’t support me at all in my efforts. It’s not like he’s that slow whereas he can’t figure it out. But I think he knows exactly what I’m trying to do but he doesn’t want to support it because he doesn’t like it, actually I think he hates it. Well, my response to him is “Well, you can think what you want but I don’t care. I love her and your just going to have to deal with that.”
It’s hard to explain, but I really enjoy hanging out with her. I know you just want to be able to get on with your life, and that depends on me leaving to go take care of you, but come on; I’m not asking you to endorse what I’m doing, I’m not asking for you help, I’m not even asking you to be okay with it.. I’m just asking you to let me carry on with things… it’s really not that hard.

What adds to the frustration is that I’m always there to support you.. I listen to you even though I don’t usually understand, I’ve covered for you more times that you probably remember, I’ve fixed things for you a ton but I don’t seem to get anything back. I’m not asking for a miracle from you, I’m just asking for you to let me keep going…

Chances are the person I’m talking about won’t actually read this. Honestly, I know he won’t read it unless someone forces/tells him too because that’s how much he cares…

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  2. By j on Jan 23, 2006

    hey brian. i was reading.. and i think i’m sure who the person is.. and you know my opinion of them.. lol
    yea anyway i hate the way he treats you and the jokes he makes about um.. i forgot her nickname.. but you know who i mean. its just so stupid.. and childish and they only do it cause they’re jealous of you. don’t let it get to you and when they call you.. you take the phone and go and hang it up. =] especially if you’re out on one of our trips.

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