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Happy New Year!

January 1st, 2006 Posted in Problems

Last night was New Years eve and the time to welcome in the New Year. Well, in all partying tradition I got out of the house and went over to a friends house to party it up. It was a pretty fun time, we went out for a little car ride to pickup another person, lets not get started on that tho.

Ok, I’ll skip right to the meat of it. New Years Eve was interesting because of one main thing; maybe in three pieces. If you drew a graphic representation of it, it would look kinda like a plot diagram, with a introduction, climax, and resolution… like this picture
Quadratic Lump

Well, the first part went fairly well, even tho I might be robotic or something. That’s something I’m going to work on… I’m not exactly sure how, but I bet with practice I’ll become less robotic and better at stuff. Practicing is something I’ll work on, it’s fairly easy to do.. but the setup is tricky. I’ve yet to actually figure out how to setup properly, because I can’t figure it out… there are just to many options or something… a howto guide would be handy, but until then; I’ll just keep looking stupid.

The second part, as the diagram shows, was the hardest part. It was a combination of a first time and a countdown. I knew what I wanted to do and when I wanted to do it but I didn’t know how or where. Well, the 1 minute coutdown started and I came up with a little plan, but that plan was quickly ruined when someone sat in the middle. Yeah, that wasn’t going to work. So I knew I had less than 45 seconds until it was time so I was all.. umm… hrm, what can I do. I quickly decided to walk around the sofa and then I got there. Someone blew a horn or something, i leaned in, and then i did it and then I stood there for a moment while people reacted, then I walked back to a pole to lean on. That was probably one of the most nervous times I’ve ever been. Well, I know I messed up walking back to the pole instead of staying there but what makes me more dumb is the fact that I really don’t remember it. I remember walking over… and walking to the pole… darn me and my inability to remember things… you can only imagine how bad I feel; not only was it the first time, but it was special and grrr I can’t remember any of it. You’d think I was drunk or something… but I wasn’t.

Well, part three was pretty easy but I think I messed up a little, luckily I’m the only one that remembers that.

Overall, a pretty good night. I’m glad I had the courage to do everything, but kinda mad that I can’t remember a good portion of it. That makes me feel kinda dumb… ok, a lotta dumb. I’m trying to recreate my memory and I’m not sure how it’s working. My biggest fear is that I made moron of myself in the parts I can’t remember.

Happy New Year to All!

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