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December 18th, 2005 Posted in Problems

So, this contradicts the blog about “Ding mom is dumb”.

Well, Saturday night my parents went out to a Christmas party leaving me and kev home alone. I was invited to meet some crazy cool people @ thirsty mind to get some HC and hangout. I left a note on the table telling then I was out and hoped to be home soon.

I knew my curfew was close to 10 so I quickly dashed out at 9:48, making a very bad exit at that.

While pulling out of the parking lot, I called home… hoping to beat my parents but they were already home. When I arrived home I was talking to my mom and I brought up how I had to leave early because I knew they wanted me home before 10. She then said.. Well, since you’re a senior and all, I guess you can stay out a little later.

I’m not sure how long “little” is… knowing my mom it’s like 10 minutes… w.e

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