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December 17th, 2005 Posted in Problems

Ding Mom is Dumb
Ding Mom is Dumb
Et cetera, et cetera

I just got back from talking to my mom and noticed how frustrating she can be. It all started when she asked what I did last night at Adams…. Now how she got the idea I went to Adams is beyond me but I quickly recovered and said “We went to Adams to watch Polar Express, but Adam didn’t have it so we went to Jeans.” That seems understandable enought, but nope… not my mom. She quickly got very defense, “wait, you went to jean’s and didn’t tell us?” I replied “Yeah”. Appararently ther is some rule that I have to tell my parents where I am ever moment of my life until the point I am 18… that’s exactly how she put it too. She said something to the effect of “You need to tell us where you are… All we want to know is where you are, who you’re with, and what your doing.” As if there is anything else to know? Grrr. I was very mad at this point but I tried to reason with her saying “I just feel wierd being the one that has to always be the first to leave, and always calling you guys whereever I go. No one else has to call their parents where ever they are” Of course my mom didn’t listen… “Until your 18 those are the rules, I just don’t want you getting into any bad stuff.” I threw in something to the effect of “I’m almost 18 and people younger than me, like Steph, Katie, Danny, etc don’t have to tell their parents everything” So she chimed in “You’ll be 18 in 6 months, you can do whatever you want then, besides drinking of course” I tactfully replied “By that time I’ll have graduated already and everyone will be getting ready for college” She managed to bring up drinking in this discussion and how alcohol is bad. No DUH MOM! I’m not stupid! But no, she couldn’t stop there… she wanted to make sure I wasn’t dumb by continuing her discussion.

What adds to the fun is that fact last night when I came home I told my dad the same thing, about going to Jean’s because Adam didn’t have the movie, he didn’t care at all… as long as I didn’t drive anyone.

This is very frustrating to the point where my eyes are starting to water or something. My mom treats me like… i dunno… whatever age it is where you have to tell your parents everything. Yet she always adds the fact that I have a car, so I’m responsible? She’s so contradtictory… If I’m responsible then why do I need to constantly check in with them… And waiting until in 18 for all these rules to change is definately not going to fly with me, by May 25 (when I do turn 15) I’ll have missed 5 months of being able to stay out with my friends until we’re done with the fun and get stuck with 5 months of constantly checking in, as if I’m on probation of something… leaving me with 2.5 months where I can actually do what I want when I want… Does she not realize this… ugh… I’m about ready to go start crying in a pillow or something in an effort to make her feel guilty and change her rules. Actually, I think talking to my dad might help because he’s more up to speed on these things, he knows that if I really want to do “bad things” checking in with mom isn’t going to stop me…

I know she’s just trying to protect me or keep me safe or something but her plan has a critical flaw: when I turn 18 her plan involves a sudden redirection of responsibility and such, instead of weening off or something. I don’t know anymore…… aarg

So, I’m paying her back by setting the stereo to play very loud christmas music from 3 random cds: Italitian Opera Chirstmas music, Barney’s X-Mas, and Sounds of winter… possibly the 3 worst combinations out there in my mind (especially that opera because you just can’t understand it). She doesn’t know how to turn it off so she’s stuck with it… Boy, I’m mean aren’t I….

~~Brian Out

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